Tips On Answering MUET Papers

on Wednesday, April 21, 2010
MUET Listening (paper 800/1) Tips

How to improve your listening skills?

Listen to wide range of audio materials
Since the recorded texts in MUET may include dialogues, radio talk shows, etc, the more types of audio materials you have listened, the more prepared you are.

Listen to television news broadcasts
News broadcasts are very informative and up-to-date. Try to watch and listen to news broadcasts daily at regular time, this way you will be addicted to news broadcasts.

Listen to conversation in the movies
When watching movies, sitcoms or dramas, instead of reading the subtitles, you should listen to the conversation between the actors. If English is not your mother tongue, you may find it quite hard to start. Try to train yourself not to read the subtitles but listen carefully to what the actors are talking about in the movies.

Listen to radio talk shows
This is another effective way to boost your listening skill. Tune in to your favourite radio station and enjoy the talk shows.

Listen to podcasts available on the Internet
Similar to blog (weblog), podcast is something very new in the Web 2.0, even dictionaries haven’t coin these words.

MUET Speaking (paper 800/2) Tips

How to improve your English speaking skills?

Speak in English at every opportunity
Speak in English with your teachers and friends at school and speak in English with your parents and siblings at home. Grab any opportunity you have to speak in English.

Most Chinese native speakers are ashamed to speak in English because they think they cannot speak fluently compared to those English native speakers. In fact, the earlier you start to speak in English, the more fluent you can speak.

Think in English
You might be surprised that thinking in English actually helps you in speaking in English. Try to think or think aloud in English. It helps since you do not have to worry about the spelling error.

Again, thinking in English for non-English native speakers is sometimes very hard at the beginning. However, once you have started for a few days or weeks, you will get used to think in English.dca

MUET Reading (paper 800/3) Tips

How to improve your English reading skills?

Make Reading your Habit
Reading for many people is fun and enjoyable. You can improve your English reading skills by reading as much as possible. Reading articles on topics of your interest is always an enjoyable and pleasure experience. To make reading your habit, you may begin by reading shorter texts and after a week progress to the longer texts. Train yourself to read daily.

Read a Variety of Materials
Newspapers, magazines, novels, encyclopaedia, etc are some typical reading materials to start with. In addition, reading English ebooks and weblogs or blogs helps too. Magazines such as Readers’ Digest are suitable for your general knowledge, English grammar and vocabulary. A recommended blog for Malaysian students is
Malaysia Students blog.

Read Articles form Different Disciplines
Do not limit your reading materials to your favourite topics. Instead, you should read articles and scholarly journals from various disciplines. For instance, health, technology, education, science, environment, you name it.

Learn Skimming and Scanning Skills
Skimming is a skill to read something quickly to find the main facts or ideas in it while scanning is to read something word by word quickly for a better understanding of the text. Skimming and scanning skills come in handy in your MUET reading test since you have to answer 50 multiple-choice questions (MCQ) based on several texts given.

MUET Writting (paper 800/4) Tips

How to improve your English essay writing skills?

Write Grammatically Correct Essay
The English grammar level presented in the essay decides whether it is a well-written or low-graded essay. A grammatically incorrect essay distracts the readers’ attention from the content written by the writer. So, you should read the
Important English Grammar Notes for Essay Writing posted on this blog previously. In addition to that, you should always avoid doing minor errors like first-draft slips and gross errors like tense and subject-verb agreement.

Use Thesaurus to Increase Vocabulary
Thesaurus comes in handy to increase your vocabulary. You should try to replace the general words with the more specific ones. For instance, replace the word ‘important’ with the word ‘vital’ when you want to say something that is very important and necessary, and if not done correctly there could be serious problems. Besides that, you are suggested to reference the thesaurus to expand your vocabulary. Try to replace some adjectives with others which are similar in meaning like replacing the word ‘boring’ with ‘mundane’ or ‘tedious’. However, using bombastic words in your writing with the only purpose is to impress the examiners in order to score well is not recommended.

Write Journal or Blog in English
Since MUET Writing Test tests your English writing skills, you should be able to write your essay in English. So, writing journal or diary or blogging in English can brush up your English writing skills. Try to write in grammatically correct sentences instead of using broken or casual English in your journal or blog. You should also train yourself to
plan or outline and organize your essay before writing it. Writing spontaneously may keep the flow but the essay written may be a mess. So, it is a good habit to organize your essay before it is written.

Read Well-written Essays or Articles
Last but not least, read a variety of materials to improve your general knowledge. Reading the well-written essays or articles may inspire you to write better by learning the writing styles. Reading newspaper and magazine is the recommended way to brush up your writing skills.


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